Crooked Halo Set

Crooked Halo Set


Balanced set of Strat replacement single coil pickups.
Very warm with spank. With a smokey overdrive character. Extremely versatile.
I have used these in session situations from R&B, Rock, Blues, Surf, Psych rock, Latin Rock, Cumbia, Reggae and more.
Meets and exceed expectations.

Specify when ordering if you request a standard radius, or staggered.

Alnico 2 magnets
Option V
Bridge 7.5kΩ
Middle 5.9kΩ
Neck 5.9kΩ

Option M
Option M is our slightly hotter set. Designed with a little more under the hood.
Vintage vibe with Modern output to cut through the mix with power and tonal class.

Bridge 10kΩ
Middle 6.6kΩ
Neck 6.5kΩ