HomeWrecker Pickups was founded by Joshua Hernandez in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from East San Jose, CA. Hernandez has played different sides of the music industry as a session/songwriter/live player, and as a craftsman. A very well respected instrument repair man known for practical modifications. 

Exclusively endorsed by a few prestigious companies such as, Bogner Amplification,Celestion Speakers, Steve Clayton Picks, Curt Mangan Strings, Pigtronix and IK Multimedia. 

For his technical work, he apprenticed under luthier, Keith Holland, sharpening his attention to detail for a few years before making a leap down the 101 to make Los Angeles his home base. During this transition he spent 12 years in production with Sony, Warner artists, and touring all over Latin America. Living between Bogotá, Colombia, Lima, Peru and LA. In his time off between tours, instead of returning to the U.S. He was introduced to local craftsmen. Learning a whole new approach to string instrument design and fabrication. 

 When his touring contract was up. Hernandez returned to the U.S. accepting an offer for a title position @ ESP Guitar Company. 

In 2009, He Co-Founded MHD pickups. In Oct. 2011 he parted ways with MHD and ventured off on his own. During that time he worked a title position at ESP Guitars. Wearing multiple hats in this company. This involved working directly with the VP/Production manager on ESP/Ltd production, Directing the warranty department, contributing to A-List artist repairs, and lastly, special projects from the custom shop.  

It didn't stop there. His thirst for live performances and love for playing kept him very busy. As things evolved, session work picked up, becoming a ghost writer/session player in the night time working with various production teams. As well as running/developing all new HomeWrecker operations over time. Hernandez left ESP in 2012 to venture on his own with newly found music based revenue streams. 

The session work was a key factor to testing the product. This was used to develop the many flavors that the HomeWrecker product line has to offer.

"There were times I recorded at state of the art studios (East West, Serenity West) with a overwhelming selection of amplifiers and mics to choose from, then there were times I showed up to a small single apartment, plugged directly in to an interface, and utilized certain pedals to shape the tones. This compromise allowed me to voice things to sound great direct in with or without use of plugins. I aimed for a more transparent and natural sound from the coil."

"The beauty of being an active player is, I get to put my own product to the test in studio & live situations." says Hernandez. "With HomeWrecker, in short, I am taking a very simple, old technology and literally putting a new spin on it."

Take a look at the menu, as it is always evolving. If you have a certain sound that you want to bring to life, feel free to contact me directly. 

-J Hernandez