Necessity is definitely the motivation of creation. I wasn’t happy with the status quo. Therefore, utilizing my background growing up as a mechanic, RF/Electrical Engineering experience in Silicon Valley, Luthiery, but all leading to Guitar modification in the end, I worked very hard to craft and individualize instruments to work in studio, live and home situations.   

Sought out to create a transparent pickup that I can use the same guitar for several different genres. A different show, recording session every night. Genre hopping. 

From the more extreme heavier styles of Hardcore, Punk, to the many subgenres of Rock, Pop, crossing to R&B, Latin, Salsa, Cumbia, Soul, Country, Americana, etc.  

Necessity drove me to create the most versatile sets of pickups on the market.


To all types of single coils

Jazz Bass

And to solve the problem I found with Humbuckers from PAF to present.
The neck being too boomy and the bridge being too thin. Zero balance. Zero thought being put in to these things. That’s why I found many players, and myself obsessing spending copious amounts of dollars in to trying and finding the perfect pickup set. AND SETTLING. Not making it a Tone Hunt for a tax write off for the rest of my professional existence. 

About roughy. 

Former Silicon Valley, RF/electrical engineer, always maintained contribution to music education. And while working on Defense projects, I was active playing, live at night between many genres. Salsa nights in San Francisco, and rock in the rest of the Bay Area. Two weeks after Silicon Valley crashed and my contract was up , I was hired at Keith Holland guitars hospital to apprentice and sharpen my skills in luthiery. Being that I already had the electrical knowledge there were a few things I needed to sharpen up. I made my way to Los Angeles, and was hired by the top three at Esp USA in 2006. Still stayed active plugging away with session work writing record deals, etc. My duty at Esp; warranty and repair Director, A-list artist repairs/custom builds, production management/product development assistant & special projects with the VP. As well as developing signature models for artists.